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We buy, sell and repair protective relays.
Specializing in extending the life of electromechanical protective relays of all types and manufacture from simple induction disk overcurrent relays to complex distance relays.
Sertec has an extensive inventory of electromechanical protective relays, replacement parts and components; and utilize modern protective relay test equipment Sertec Protective Relay Services buys and sells protective relays and specializes in extending the life of obsolete electromechanical protective relays by providing quality repair, remanufacture and retrofit services for relays of all types and manufacture. We also service specialty electronics used in electrical power systems.

From simple overcurrent induction disk protective relays such as the GE Type IAC or Westinghouse Style CO to more complex relays such as the General Electric GCX or GCY distance relay or the Westinghouse Style KD impedance relay, we buy, sell and service them all:

  • instantaneous overcurrent relays
  • time overcurrent relays
  • directional overcurrent relays
  • differential relays
  • reverse power relays
  • phase balance relays
  • undervoltage relays
  • frequency relays
  • distance / impedance relays

To ensure proper operation and calibration, our technicians utilize modern protective relay test equipment including a comprehensive Multi-Amp RTT test table and solid state Epoch relay test sets.

Additionally we have an extensive inventory of replacement parts and components including older style switchboard meters.

Of course we sell, service and buy protective relays and relay parts produced by virtually all manufacturers, including but not limited to:
• ABB protective relays • Basler protective relays • BBC protective relays • Cutler Hammer protective relays
• General Electric protective relays • ITE protective relays • Schweitzer protective relays • Siemens protective relays
• Square D protective relays • Westinghouse protective relays

Go to the following pages which have a comprehensive listing of some of the most popular:

  • protective relays by part number or
  • protective relays by manufacturer.
    We have numerous additional protective relays that are not included on these lists. Please contact with your requirements.
  • Use the following links to open a list of the types of General Electric and Westinghouse/ABB electromechanical protective relays that we service. Click again to close the list.


    Sell Your Protective Relays and/or Relay Parts To Us
    If you are interested in selling your obsolete or surplus protective relays or parts, please email us at and include a brief description of the relays and/or parts you would like to sell. Attach any photos to your email. Or, you may contact us by phone at 203-888-7500.

    Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements, answer your questions or to obtain a quotation.

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    Sertec Relay Services
    A Division of Circuit Breaker Sales NE Inc.
    79 Main Street
    Seymour, CT 06483
    Phone: 203-888-7500

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